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Sciatica Treatment

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Ever felt like you had a toothache in your leg? Some of our patients have told us that is how sciatica feels. Others say it burns and throbs. Many say that this pain causes weakness, tingling, and numbness. This condition is named after the large sciatic nerve that runs from the low back, down through the buttock, and extends down the legs to the ankles and feet. The pain and/or discomfort occur along the this path of the sciatic nerve. The discomfort can occur in the back or front of either or both legs. The condition is caused by pressure in the low back on the nerves that go down the sciatic nerve path. The condition is often caused by disc herniation or bulges, responsible for putting pressure on the nerves in the low back. Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy offers the opportunity to gently stretch the vertebrae, allowing the injured disc to return as much as possible to its normal position.

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