Pinched Nerve Treatment

People often refer to the pain in their backs coming from a pinched nerve, but what does that really mean. Let’s compare this to trying to water our flowers with a water hose. We turn the water on and it flows freely. Ever “pinched” the hose and saw that you now had a problem with trying to water your flowers?? It’s the same with the nerves in our bodies. When pressure is applied to a nerve it is often called a pinched nerve. The pressure on the nerve causes the nerve to send a message to the brain saying, “This hurts!!” “Stop it!” “Pain!!” If we just treat the pain, we are not really treating the cause of the condition. We can use medications to try to hide the pain, but the real solution is getting the pressure off the nerve. That’s what non-surgical spinal decompression therapy does. Through gentle non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, the discs are rehydrated and their condition is improved as much as possible. No surgery…no cutting …just natural healing of the body.

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