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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

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Why does non-surgical decompression therapy help? Here’s a hint at the secret. It’s contained within the name of the equipment we use. VAX-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression. Cleared by the FDA and invented by neurosurgeon, Dr. Allen Dyer, M.D., the machine is a medical device used by medical doctors and chiropractors.


Our spines are amazing pieces of machinery, but they can cause us very severe pain and discomfort when they fail. What causes that?

Pressure … Your neck and back are under large amounts of pressure. Gravity, weight, intense daily activities, and injuries put a large amount of downward weight on your neck and spine. The discs and muscles in your back serve as wonderful shock absorbers, but over time and often due to injuries, the spinal discs lose vital fluids, dry out, and become brittle.


VAX-D is different from most other treatments, because it not only relieves your pain, but actually allows the body to do something amazing – begin to heal the damaged spinal disc!


VAX-D gently stretches the spine to create a negative pressure in the spinal disc (intervertebral disc). The negative pressure in the spinal disc creates a vacuum, which actually begins to suck the spinal disc back into its normal shape as much as possible. Vital fluids and nutrients are drawn back into the disc, creating an environment that allows the disc to begin to heal, thereby beginning to correct the cause of the problem.


How is VAX-D different from traction or inversion tables?

Traction or inversion tables do stretch the neck or low back, but do not produce the desired vacuum effect due to the strength of the muscles and ligaments that surround the joints. As those muscles and ligaments are being stretched, they contract vigorously, which increases the pressure within the spinal disc. This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen.


VAX-D is so effective because the pull curve of the machine is gradual and logarithmic and “fools” the muscles into allowing separation to occur. The result is the reduction in pressure within the discs and decompression of the nerves and spinal discs. Extensive research has shown this to be true.


This is the only non-surgical treatment method shown clinically to actually decrease the pressure within the patient’s spinal disc, allowing for the healing of the spinal disc.


  • Relief of acute, chronic and long term neck or low back pain.
  • Successful in over 70% of patients*
  • No missed work.
  • No recovery time.
  • Non-invasive and safe
  • No patient hospitalization.
  • Affordable.


Earl E. Gose, William K. Naguszewski and Robert K. Naguszewski. “Vertebral axial decompression therapy for pain associated with herniated or degenerated discs or facet syndrome: An outcome study” University of Illinois at Chicago, published in The Journal of Neurological Research, Volume 20, April 1998.

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