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Knee Pain Treatment

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Are you walking up and down the stairs one step at a time and still in pain? Is it difficult to stand up, sit down, or walk for any distance due to pain in your knee or both knees?


This could be the result of injury, wearing down of the cartilage in your knee or both knees, overuse, abuse, and more.


The result can be pain with each step and leads to balance issues. Surgery could be the end result, which may or may not be successful.


In short, knee pain restricts you from doing many things you love to do because of the pain.


    How do we help?
  • Our doctor will determine the cause of your knee problem.
  • A treatment plan will be prescribed using our state of the art non-invasive treatments. (Our therapies are used by Cleveland Clinic and many other fine institutions.)
  • You will begin to get stronger and get off the sidelines of life!

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