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Foot Pain Treatment

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Do you have numbness, tingling, or burning in you feet? This could be peripheral neuropathy. Your nerves have been injured through trauma, arch drop, diabetes, drug toxicity, nerve root compression or more.


What’s the result? Some people can’t feel their feet like they should. Others experience numbness, severe pain and burning, and tingling. Some begin to have severe balance issues. The nerves are dying and need to be restored to the best possible before they are beyond restoration.


What’s the danger? Balance issues can result in a fall with even worse consequences. People have told us that when they drive they have to be able to see their feet so they know if their foot is on the brake or the accelerator.


    How do we help?
  • The doctor will examine you to find the cause of your problem. We do not treat the symptoms only. We find the cause and treat that.
  • A treatment program to help restore your nerves in your legs and feet will be thoroughly explained to you.
  • You will begin to be more active and get back into life again.

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